Class A Vacuum Tube Stereo Amplifier

TTA-1000 is a 60W Pure Class A high-end vacuum tube integrated amplifier utilizing KT88 tubes in the output stage (with the fixed grid load) and a 12AX7 tube preamp section, composed of 6SN7 long-tail phase inversion drive circuit

TTA-1000 uses audiophile-grade coupling capacitors: Evox  for input tubes and Wima for connecting driver tubes with the output amp, and Rubyconcapacitors in the amp section.   
The amplifier sounds in a very warm, lifelike way and high dynamics. 
The sound is very linear with almost no negative feedback.

High-quality toroidal EI broadband sound output transformer provides voltage stability and constant and immediately-available energy at any volume level. The both channels use independent rectifier and filter circuits in the supply power. The sound is natural and fresh with deep multidimensional soundstage.

The audiophile grade  ALPS volume potentiometer ensures minimal noises and channels crosstalk and has excellent operational feel and limits errors between the two channels.

The high-end class, gold-plated speaker terminals and gold-plated ceramic tube sockets offer almost lossless audio signal transmission to speakers.

Analog inputs with high-end solid machined brass RCA sockets can accommodate up to 3 stereo devices including a turntable (both MM and MC cartridges) so you can enjoy music from your favorite vinyl records.

The preamplifier output is dedicated for an optional external power amplifier or powered subwoofer and speakers.

The removable IEC power cable gives you an option to upgrade your system with a premium audiophile power cable in any time.

The TTA-1000 amplifier does not only sound great but it also looks magnificently. The front and side walls of the housing are made of thick 6 mm aluminum. The vacuum tube and transformer top decorative panels are finished in a modern gunmetal grey color.

Enjoy the analog sound at its best – Enjoy the TTA-1000!




The charm of tubes

“…From the very first moment the excellent rhythm of the audio reproduction is something what is the most enchanting in the sound of this amplifier - the TTA-1000 is one of the most dynamic amplifiers I have encountered so far… The signal and amp paths used in the tested amplifier use simplified short-length tracks. TAGA Harmony was supposed to be a kind of tube amplification essence and it has succeeded.
The TTA-1000 is suitable for listening to rock and instrumental music, what I found after several Metallica albums, but also the instrumental arrangements of Ronan Hardiman. 
TAGA Harmony finishes all the sounds in a particularly nice way, giving them subtle smoothness and delicate sweetness offers malleable and colorful sound with a solid bass… this particular tube amplifier is designed to drive practically any speaker system.

The TTA-1000 has one more advantage, namely it offers a solid and precise sound stage - none of the plans is favored over another. I found it when listening to Cassandra Wilson and Diana Krall's vocals, they sounded at full blast and, most importantly, they were not overwhelmed by the accompanying instruments. On the other hand,  the second and third plan instruments created a clear sound stage - the location of each instrument could easily be indicated with a finger. If only the speakers allow for that, TAGA Harmony will pay off with a three-dimensional sound scene, no matter whether we will like to listen to rock, pop or classical music.

The TTA-1000 offers a full and saturated mid-range which nicely fits the high frequencies. Because the mids are slightly exposed and the high frequencies do not impose themselves, the balanced sound is delivered to the listener's ears what results in particularly good wind and string instruments.”


The TTA-1000 is now one of the most purist designs in the TAGA Harmony offer. Featuring the essence of the KT88 tubes, and besides its beautiful and rich timbre, it is able to enchant with accurate and dynamic sound and with an energetic and powerful bass.”




1st opinion
Taga Harmony TTA-1000 plays in a quite distinctive way trying to combine two sound worlds: musical, warm, gentle with clear, fast and plenty of air
TAGA presents the mids in the most tangible and direct way… 
Their timbre is warm and saturated, the vocalists sound very palpable and present... Kurt Elling or low murmuring of Tom Waits were really very convincing…

2nd opinion
The soundstage and its width are excellent, the sounds are heard far beyond the outline of the speakers. The depth was not so spectacular for me, but there were no hassles in drawing the plans and placement of musicians on the three-dimensional scene.

Taga Harmony has decided to take a brave step into a new territory for them. And they should not regret it. Their first pure tube amplifier defends itself with its sound and has a lot of potential. It sounds in a very consistent and safe way  which does not mean that it is boring. It offers very good space and great, tangible midranges - the enthusiasts of warm vocals should be fully satisfied. It sound in a rhythmic way and there is no lack of dynamics. It is very musical, smooth and compact…
The amplifier has a lot of potential, because by replacing the tubes one can clearly improve its sound qualities.




Design and looks

The classic design of the brushed aluminum and black matte metal housing  immediately makes us feel that we are dealing with a very well made construction…

…good quality passive components were used to build the amplifier such as high quality tube sockets, ALPS potentiometer etc. 
There are also no savings made on the RCA sockets and speaker terminals. 
The amplifier is sold including a tube cage and a solid aluminum remote controller. Luckily there is no plastic used at all, but you can find a lot of aluminum and steel everywhere…


The manufacturer provides the amplifier with Shuguang  tubes, but as a user and a fan of tube devices, I decided that it deserved to use my favorite 6sn7 tubes. That is why the Tung-Sol 6F8g tubes (year 1942) and standard ones, supplied with the amplifier, were alternately used during the test…

The amplifier sounded in a dynamic and subtle way. None of the ranges are favored, although one's attention is drawn to the bass which can go down really low, while maintaining its contour and resolution. The midrange is saturated, the timbre is not pushed out too much towards you, playing rather in a line with the speakers, and passes to higher registers in a very consistent way. It was the midrange which impressed me the most. The amplifier managed to get excellent readability and resolution of this range at the same maintaining the saturation and timbre. The border between mids and highs is equally readable. The edges of the bandwidth are gently rounded. The sound of the amplifier offers a wide scene that goes beyond the speaker line, and the depth of the scene allows us to easily locate the musicians in successive rows.
The TTA-1000 plays in a very true way, with its own sweetness, will not allow itself to be provoked to any show-offs. The timbre of instruments and vocals is given in a natural way, they are full, offered almost in an intimate way, make us feel as almost being integrated with an artist. Every pull of the contrabass string carried a deep, low-extended growl. The sparkling piano complimented the whole…

Administrators and moderators of the AUDIOMUZOFANS group held a meeting recently on which the TAGA amp competed with such devices as: Acoustic Resarch, Gryphon, Gold Note. All the participants of the meeting agreed that the TTA-1000 had nothing to fear of and confirmed the observations made above.

TAGA TTA-1000 amplifier offers a mature, true, natural, saturated and dynamic sound. It performed very well in each of the musical genres. One can obtain certain custom sound preferences by applying different tubes. We can then freely model its sound and timbre and I encourage to do it. To clear up the highs a bit (something what I missed a little in the TAGA's sound) I used the National Union 6f8g tubes....


Undoubtedly, the TTA-1000 amplifier should be considered if you plan to purchase a tube amplifier and it does not matter whether we are starting a tube adventure or whether we are more advanced users of tube amplifiers.”      


Power Output:

2 x 60W, Push-pull Class A

Output Impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω

Vacuum Tubes:

4 x KT88, 2 x 6SN7, 1 x 12AX7
Triode operation mode

Manual bias adjustment

 Signal/Noise ratio:


Frequency Response:10Hz – 30kHz (+/- 1dB)
Analog: RCA Stereo: CD, Line,
Phono (MM/MC)

RCA Pre-Out 

Line inputs:Sensitivity: 450mV
Impedance: RCA 50K ohm
Phono input (MM | MC):Input impedance 47Kohms | 47ohms
Gain 40dB | 60dB
Output voltage 400mV | 400mV
THD ≤1%
Included Accessories:

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Taga Harmony TTA-1000 KT-88 Vakuuminių lempų stiprintuvas su MM/MC Phono įvestimi

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