Taga Harmony Platinum S-40 v.2 elegantiškos lentyninės garso kolonėlės , galingumas 130 W, kaina už 2 vnt .

  • Kaina: 280.00 €

Taga Harmony Platinum S-40  v.2  elegantiškos lentyninės  garso kolonėlės , galingumas 130 W, kaina už 2 vnt .

The Platinum series is the flagship of TAGA Harmony speakers. The eye catching, stylish curved cabinets made of strong and thick MDF boards equipped with advanced drivers and high quality crossovers give crisp, clear, natural and dynamic sound performance.

"… it is unbelievable how deep and plentiful low frequency they have. With abundant details, no matter you want to watch a film or listen to music, they can give you a great satisfaction..

Realistic sound effects, fast reaction

When playing the Captain America 2 BD, I was surprised how the Platinum v.2 series was performing the subtle changes during shooting scenes… the sound can also change quickly. Especially, the scene when the American captain was fighting with the Cold War was wonderful. The sound is full of vigor and realism… The loudspeakers reaction is so instinctively fast that it is so difficult to keep up with these rapidly changing sound effects. Finally, the Cold War hits the shield. The sound is spreading out as rapidly as mercury, and the audience can't help but only highly praise the speakers.

The range of kinetic energy is better than before

Celine Dion: Live From Las Vegas BD
The center speaker used its five drivers at their full potential. When it played My Heart Will Go On, the sound of the bagpipes in the prelude was very resonant, twisty and melodic but clear at the same time and it was hard to ignore. After that, the splendid voice made the listeners immerse in moving atmosphere and recall the movie plot. It could be heard that the Platinum v.2 series is very musical.

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows BD
When the soldiers raised an artillery cannon, the movie showed every close-up detail. The Platinum v.2 series presented the true sound of all actions in this movie. And the sound effect has been changing depending on different instruments’ configuration. Thanks to the metal vibrating diaphragm. The sound is very realistic and every aspect such as the height and position of the cannon were shown."




2-way, 2 drivers, Bi-wiring

Surround / Bookshelf speakers,
TLIE Enclosure,

crossover point 4.5kHz

High-Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”), TPTTD, TWG faceplate, TTP 
Bass / Midrange Driver:  133mm (5.25”), TPACD
Recommended Amplifier Power:  20-130W
Frequency Response:  42Hz-40kHz
Impedance:  6 ohm
Sensitivity:  87dB
Dimensions (H x W x D):  35 x 23 x 24.2 cm
Weight (net):  11kg pair / 12kg pair (High Gloss)


Available Finishes*:


    HIGH GLOSS             HIGH GLOSS 

         BLACK                       WHITE


        WALNUT   BLACK   WENGE    
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