Taga Harmony Platinum B-40 v.2 elegantiškos lentyninės garso kolonėlės , galingumas 150 W, kaina už 2 vnt .

  • Kaina: 330.00 €

Taga Harmony Platinum B-40  v.2  elegantiškos lentyninės  garso kolonėlės , galingumas 150 W, kaina už 2 vnt .

The Platinum series is the flagship of TAGA Harmony speakers. The eye catching, stylish curved cabinets made of strong and thick MDF boards equipped with advanced drivers and high quality crossovers give crisp, clear, natural and dynamic sound performance.

"..Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! covers what could be the essential portion that gives a proper challenge and represent a healthy stress for any amplifier and speakers. 


HTA-700B SE v.2 amplifier and Platinum B-40 speakers managed to convey much needed tension and music as forte with enough positive attributes to engage one into the prolonged listening.
Ella Fitzgerald vocals are not the easiest to render and to project a proper dynamic scale. Taga Harmony affordable match encapsulated the spirit and locked to the music with much more impact that one would dare to expect at this pricing. There was enough depth, sense of space and following of the tempi to let music take its own course!...

HTA-700B SE v.2 and Platinum B-40 layered insightful and believable scale and sense of space or Rudra Veena. You can demand only as much from smaller, monitor speakers. Still, the essence was captured without falling into the often pronounced wow factor cliché. Taga Harmony amplifier and speakers acted more on the artful side, with touch of warm and with playful vibe intrinsic to the music.

Across the rest of musical material HTA-700B SE v.2 and Platinum B-40 kept their DNA as recognized above. Nor light headed, nor overwhelming, but following music rather than technical and analytic path….”


“…Taga Harmony HTA-700B SE v.2 and Platinum B-40 tandem comes as potent partnering. It’s a great start up doing more than just brief lurking into the high-end audio. It provides a continuum adventure for even more demanding aural voyeur.

Here is another proof for those in need. Yes, I can happily digest and enjoy well executed affordable audio gear. Taga Harmony HTA-700B SE v.2 and Platinum B-40 combination brings heck a lot of fun and music at down to earth pricing. Well done and well deserved Best Buy Award...

Exploring the entry level of Taga Harmony and by experiencing what it can bring surely opens up more questions about their upper ranges. If entry level manages to embarks so much I’m more then sure that the brand’s bigger products surely open ups the new doors to sonic exploration and satisfaction…”



Sound Quality

"The word to best describe the sound was “balanced” in that treble and bass were in equilibrium, midband was clean and clear, so it was no effort at all just to sit back and enjoy what I was hearing while the system was warming up…

Kick drum was portrayed with good weight and solidity, a good deal better than other “budget” speakers I have listened to and the drummer’s rim shots were almost life-like too.  Fink’s voice has a nasal quality to it with a slight rasp and the Platinum B-40’s did a pretty good job of that task too...



The Platinum B-40 speakers belie their modest cost and are very able performers…Well worth seeking out for audition."



Group test (JBL Studio 130, Mission Mx1, Q-Acoustic 2020i, Roth Audio OLI 20, TAGA Platnium B-40 v.2, Wharfedale Diamond 10.1) 
Performance conclusion: Dynamic, coherent, distinct, with strong first plan. The scale of sound that is considerably higher than competitors'.

WE SAY: A dynamic potential, depth of bass, precision and neutrality the B-40 possess, are worthy of more expensive constructions.





2-way, 2 drivers, bookshelf speakers,

Bi-wiring, TLIE Enclosure, 

crossover point 2.5kHz

High-Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”), TPTTD, TWG faceplate, TTP 
Bass / Midrange Driver:  165mm (6.5"), TPACD
Recommended Amplifier Power:  20-150W
Frequency Response:  38Hz-40kHz
Impedance:  6 ohm
Sensitivity:  89dB
Dimensions (H x W x D):  41 x 25 x 27.2 cm
Weight (net):  15.5kg pair



Available Finishes*:


        WALNUT   BLACK   WENGE   
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