POLK AUDIO LSiM704c centrinė kolonėlė

  • POLK AUDIO LSiM704c centrinė kolonėlė
  • Kaina: 749.00 €

The new LSiM Series of high performance loudspeakers is a complete reimagining of the Polk Audio mission of making superior audio accessible to everyone. Even though these loudspeakers straddle the cutting edge of today’s technologies, and feature Polk-designed-from-theground- up components as well as massively braced sculpted natural wood and laquer enclosures, they remain surprisingly affordable. Ultrahigh performance for today’s most demanding media is within reach.
Whether you enjoy music on vinyl, CD, digital files via PC or MP3, or movies on DVD or BluRay,® the performance of the new LSiM Series will transport you. Experience dynamic musical tonality, coherent detail and natural low frequency reproduction, even at lifelike volume levels. Build a home theater or stereo system with new LSiM Series components and experience timbre-matched sonics and immersive spatial ambiance, with realistic accuracy and linearity, even at movie theater volume levels.

Tweeter 1" (25mm) enhanced Ring Radiator
Midrange 3 1/4" super cell aerated polypropylene
Midbass/Woofer 5 1/4" super cell aerated polypropylene
Frequency Response 70 Hz - 30 kHz
Overall Frequency Response 40 Hz - 40 kHz
Steady State Recommended Amp Power 20 W - 200 W
Impedance compatible compatible w/ 8 Ohm outputs

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