Quadral ARGENTUM 6000 namų kino garso sistema 5.0

  • Kaina: 899.00 €


Low cost – best components
With the new ARGENTUM 6000, the much lauded ARGENTUM series is expanded with a specialist speaker set for home cinema. A solid wooden cabinet, finest chassis technology with titanium-coated membranes and advanced crossover guarantee the excellent acoustic qualities you expect from ARGENTUM.

That’s why quadral engineers place special emphasis on a homogenous approach to the entire system. The perfect interaction of the individual components allows film enthusiasts to be completely immersed in the world of fantasy. Specialist technology allows the ARGENTUM 6000 to produce more volume without running out of steam. 

And the best thing about this set: the attractive price still leaves some budget for a pile of great Blu-rays.

Dauerbelastbarkeit (W):140/20060/90100/150
Frequency response (Hz):30...35.00060...35.00050...35.000
Transition frequency (Hz):250/2.5003.5001.800
Efficiency (dB/1 Watt/ 1m):878587
Woofer:220 mm155 mm2x155 mm
Midrange:2x155 mm--
Tweeter:25 mm Ø25 mm Ø25 mm Ø
Size (HxBxT) cm:105* x 18,5 x 31,227,5 x 16,5 x 12,016,5 x 43,8 x 20,8

Finish black, white

*Bodenplatte (HxBxT) / (cm) 24,5 x 31,8 x 2,6 

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