Melodika kabelis 2xRCA - 2xRCA Purple Rain ilgis 7m

  • Kaina: 85.00 €

Analogue Interconnect 2xRCA dedicated for audio transmission. "Single Core" design of the interconnect is known for many people as the best construction of conductor for home Hi-Fi solutions. Additionaly the lowest, in this particular price range, capacity does not disrupt the high frequences. Due to reduced impedancy MD2R does not have "sharp high frequences" effect.   
Reliably and precise made wire
Conductor resistance <= 71 Ohm/Km
Chrome-plated and gold-plated with 24k gold plugs 
Wire is merged with a plug by soldering solder with fine silver
Shield made in the form of braided mesh 160 x 0,1mm
Isolation: PE, coating PVC
Wire resistances: UV, salt water, ozone, alcohol, excellent durability in room temperature or lower, high mechanical energy absorption, good abrasion resistance.
When building home stereo, you must remember that there is no universal cables for professional and home systems. MD2R Purple Rain is specialized cable for home audio installations.
Construction based on conductor made of 0,25mm2 wire and conductive material improves the electric field distribution. Shield made in the form of braided mesh and conductive coating.
Analogue interconnect 2xRCA

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