Taga Harmony kolonėlių kabelis BLUE-16 ,16 AWG/1.3mm2 OFC Varis su Banan tipo kištukais

  • Kaina: 70.00 €

Taga Harmony kolonėlių kabelis BLUE-16  , 16  AWG/1.3mm2 OFC Varis su Banan tipo kištukais  , ilgis 2.5 m ,  kaina už komplektą  2 vnt

The BLUE speaker cable is designed for use in premium hi-fi systems but it carries a very un-premium price tag!


16 gauge multi-stranded ultra-high purity OFC wiring and pure and high-grade copper banana plugs make your system to sound much better. The BLUE cable is precisely engineered for transparent sound-staging, enhanced imaging, dynamics, detail and low-pitched bass.

TESTED: HTR-1000CD, AZURE S-40 v.2, Blue-16




"Unpacking and setting up is very simple, only the loudspeakers have to be wired; suitable speaker cables in a surprisingly good quality are already included in the package. The TAGA combo plays at a remarkably high level, thanks to small-sized Azure S-40, which deliver an amazingly homogeneous sound, resolving sound details in a scrupulous way and shine with convincing spatiality. The TAGA combo is able to perform quite dynamically with the help of a powerful CD-receiver and loudspeakers which are quite strong too – the small combo brings real fun!"


"If you listen to CDs as well as to radio, and sometimes use your smartphone as a music player, the Taga HTR-1000CD will serve very well. Together with small, strongly sounding Taga Azure S-40 bookshelf speakers, this duo is a true winning team and costs around 700 Euros in the package with a set of speaker cables - a real price hit!"

The NYLON version (with external Nylon jacket)



Available lenghts: 2x2.5m



2-conductor, 1.3mm [16AWG] / conductor

Terminated with high-grade copper banana plugs

Multi-stranded, ultra-high purity 99.997% Oxygen Free Copper conductors

HDPE – Ultra low-loss, low capacitance high-density polyethylene dielectric insulation for conductors

Low friction, easy-to-pull outer PVC jacket

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