Alpine X-A90V 5 kanalų automobilinis stiprintuvas #Nemokamas pristatymas

  • Kaina: 470.00 €

Terminal Layout: One side

Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Plug Type Connector (PWR and SPK Terminal)

Mounting Design: Easy Stacking and Smart Installation


Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital)

Channel Design: 4-channel + 1-channel (Mono)

Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control

Power Supply: PWM regulated Interleaved flyback with active clamp

Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuitry

Power Indicator: Top Mounted LED Power/Status Indicator

Speaker Level Input with remote turn on

Crossover: Adjustable Low-pass (LPF) / High-pass Filter (HPF)

Built-in Bass EQ

Subsonic Filter: Variable Subsonic Filter

Gain Control: Adjustable

Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (RUX-KNOB2) Ready


Max Power Output Ratings

Total Max Power: 1800W

RMS Power Ratings

Per Channel into 4ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 75W RMS x 4 + 300W RMS x 1

Per Channel into 2ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 100W RMS x 4 + 500W RMS x 1

Bridged into 4ohms, 14.4V (≤1%THD+N): 200W RMS x 2

Sound Tuning

Subsonic Filter (Subwoofer): 8-40 Hz (-24dB/oct) for Mono

Crossover Frequency (LPF): 50-400 Hz (-24dB/oct) Mono

Crossover Frequency (HPF): 50-400 Hz (-12dB/oct) Full-Range

Equalizer (Bass EQ): 0-12dB


Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (9 - 16 V allowable)

Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level Input): 0.5 - 10V (CH1/2, CH3/4), 0.4 - 10V (Subwoofer)

Input Sensitivity (RCA Input) : 0.2 - 4V (CH1/2, CH3/4), 0.1 - 4V (Subwoofer)

High Level Input with automatic power on

Cable size: Power Cable 4AWG (20mm2), SPK Cable 8AWG (8mm2)

Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 ohms) for CH-1/2/3/4: 10 - 60kHz

Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 ohms) for Subwoofer: 8 - 400 Hz

THD+N (10W into 4 ohms): <0.02%

THD+N (600W into 4 ohms): <0.07%

Damping Factor for CH-1/2/3/4: >500

Damping Factor for Subwoofer: >1000

Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 ohms): >105dB (CH1-4)

Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 ohms): >104dB (Mono)

Weight: 3.3 kg


Heat Sink (WxHxD) mm: 297 x 51 x 192

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