Hertz CPX 165 PRO garsiakalbiai, 80W, 16.5 cm, 2 – juostų

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Hertz CPX 165 PRO  garsiakalbiai, 285W, 16.5 cm, 2 – juostų

The CPX 165 car audio coaxial provides the thrill of listening to the Hertz sound even when the vehicle does not allow the installation of a two-way kit. The Tetolon dome tweeter and Neodymium magnet is provided with off-axis dispersion features and exceptional frequency extension for a detailed, airy sound. Radial Venting System technology ensures unparalleled cooling of the coil thanks to the eight holes at the base of the engine that allow air exchange with the tweeter support. This acts as a rear camera, sized for low Fs, to ensure a natural mid range and allow a low frequency crossover point with the woofer. The pressed-paper cone and the butyl rubber suspension offer an extended low frequency response and an impressive punch. The Mille-inspired design basket features a dampened and protective rubber coated magnet. The grille, available as optional, is made up of a durable high resistance ABS frame and metallic mesh protection.

Size: 165 mm
Layers: 2
Frequency range: 45 - 22.000 Hz
Sensitiveness: 92 dB
Nominal power: 95 W
Maximal power: 285 W

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