Yamaha NS-F51 garso kolonėlės kaina už 2 vnt

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Yamaha NS-F51 garso kolonėlės  kaina už 2 vnt

Aukštos kokybės,  grindinės kolonėlės užtikrina optimalų garsą su aukščiausios išraiškingumo filmų ir muzikos klausimui .

The NS-F51 features a two-way, three-speaker configuration consisting of two 16cm (6-1/2”) cone woofers and one 3cm (1”) soft dome tweeter. It takes advantage of a 97cm (38-3/8”)-tall, large-capacity cabinet to produce thrilling bass tones, and with a bracing system to suppress cabinet resonance it also produces crystal-clear treble tones. The wooden circuit board in the network circuit demonstrates the commitment to sound quality. Not only for movies, but also for various other sources like CDs, MP3 and streaming music, you’ll enjoy music with superior expressiveness.

Low-diffraction rounded form for clear sound free of murkiness.

Speaker cabinets are rounded to reduce the diffraction effects that cause murky sound. Experience crystal-clear natural sound that you won’t tire of no matter how long you listen.

A front grille and rounded form with luxurious, upscale design

Enjoy a sense of luxury with a front grille featuring slanted corners and a design that brings to mind Yamaha’s flagship speakers. And with the speaker cabinet also sporting a rounded shape, the unity of design will fit beautifully into your home theatre space.

Choice of two colours to help you create a high-quality home theatre.

The speakers are beautifully finished and are available in a choice of two colours: the luxurious look of walnut, and stylish black. Together with the high-texture wood grain cabinet, these speakers will complement any TV monitor and interior.

Techniniai duomenys
Tipas Grindinės
R.M.S galia 80 W
Galia (max.) 240 W
Dažniai 35 Hz to 35 kHz
Varža 6 Om
Jautrumas 91 dB
Komplekte 2 vnt.
Juostos 2
Garsiakalbių tipai
Aukštų dažnių 1 x 3 cm kupolinis
Vidutinių - žemų dažnių 2 x 16 cm garsiakalbiai
Konstrukcija, išorė
Matmenys (P x A x G) 233 x 880 x 271 mm
Svoris 12.5 kg. (vnt.)

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