Quadral QUINTAS 6500 II namų kino garso sistema 5.0

  • Kaina: 449.00 €


quadral meet the need for excellent acoustic signal reproduction in the common price classes by launching their QUINTAS 6500 5.0 speaker system. The combination of dynamic, crisp sound, solid quality workmanship and a sleek yet very elegant appearance brings you a high price / performance ratio that is well above average. The integration of two generously dimensioned woofers in the front speakers ensures powerful and voluminous low frequency ranges that dispense with the need for an additional sub-woofer. The silk-dome tweeters that are used in the front speaker’s bass refl ex design as well as the closed base (center) and rear speaker components give the QUINTAS 6500 system a frequency range up to 30,000 Hz.

QUINTAS 5000FrontRearCenter
Principle3-way, bass reflex2-way, closed2-way, closed
Nominal/music power (W)140/28060/12090/160
Frequency response (Hz)26...30.00050...30.00050...30.000
Amplifier connection (Ω)4...84...84...8
25 mm Ø dome
150 mm Ø
2 x 175 mm Ø
25 mm Ø dome
150 mm Ø
25 mm Ø dome
2 x 115 mm Ø
Cabinet size (HxWxD) cm90 x 21 x 26,132 x 17,8 x 21,514,5 x 40 x 18,5
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