Focal  SIB EVO 5.1 namų kino komplektas 

5x SIB EVO 2.0 - compact speaker
Type of loudspeaker: Two-way compact bass-reflex loudspeaker
Speakers: 5" (13cm) Polyflex woofer, 3/4" (19mm) soft dome tweeter
Frequençy response (±3dB): 70 Hz to 25 kHz
Low frequençy point (-6dB): 66 Hz
Sensibility (2.83V/1m): 90 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms
Crossover Frequency: 3.5kHz
Recommended Amplifier Power: 25 - 200W
1x CUB EVO - subwoofer
Type of loudspeaker: Active bass-reflex subwoofer
Speaker: 8 1/4" (21cm) Polyflex woofer
Frequency response (±3dB): 35 Hz – 150 Hz
Cutoff frequency (-6dB): 30 Hz
RCA input: Right, left LFE
Cut-off frequency: 3.5kHz
Phase adjustment: Phase inverter 0°/180°
Amplifier power: 200W Class-D amplifier
Power mode: On / Autopower (0.5W)

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Focal SIB EVO 5.1 namų kino komplektas

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