CocktailAudio X30 Hi-Res Audio stiprintuvas-tinklo grotuvas , spalvotas LCD ekranas , DC grotuvas , Spotify ,interneto radijas

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CocktailAudio X30 Hi-Res Audio  stiprintuvas-tinklo grotuvas , spalvotas LCD ekranas , DC grotuvas , Spotify ,interneto radijas

X30 ne tik yra didelės raiškos glaudintų įrašų serveris, kuris atkuria ir archyvuoja CD diskų įrašus, bet turi ir įrengtą stereofoninį 2 x 50 W skaitmeninį galios stiprintuvą.

Įdiegtas 700 MIPS centrinis procesorius ir skaitmeninis analoginis „Burr-Brown“ keitiklis. 800 x 480 vaizdo elementų 13 cm spalvotame TFT LCD ekrane puikiai įžiūrima tekstinė ir grafinė informacija.

„Cocktail Audio X30“ atliekamas vienos valandos trukmės CD įrašų archyvavimas pagal albumą, atlikėją, žanrą ir metus užtrunka mažiau kaip 10 minučių, be to, tuo metu galima klausytis anksčiau įrašytų kūrinių, o bylos išsaugomos vienu iš 4 glaudinimo formatų: WAV, FLAC, MP3 arba OGG.

Sąsajų gausa (trys USB, AV ir 3.5 mm jungtis, 6.3 mm ausinių lizdas) leidžia vienu metu prijungti kelis išorinius informacijos kaupiklius bei iš- maniuosius įrenginius, o LAN ryšys užtikrina prieigą prie namų multimedijos tinklo.

What's the cocktailAudio X30 ?
It's a revolutionary HiFi component, and all-in-one smart HD Music Server/Network Streamer/CD Storage (Ripper)/powerful Amplifier:
• Equipped with a 700MHz MIPS host CPU (Processor) 
• Burr-Brown PCM1792a DAC(digital-to-analogue converter) chip 
• Powerful TI stereo digital amplifier 
• Isolated power source circuit design for digital parts and analogue parts 
• High speed optical disk drive for quick ripping 
• 5 inch full colour screen for intuitive graphical user interface 
• FM radio tuner 
• Internet Radio and online music service like Simfy(it depends on country) 
• Recording with max 192Khz sampling rate 
• Max capacity storage installation for 3.5" & 2.5" SATA hard disk and SSD 
• Versatile network solution for 24bit/192Khz hi-res streaming playback and file management 
• Customized Web Interface and free UPnP apps for remote controlling 
• Rugged chassis construction with 8mm thick aluminium front with a metal chassis 
• Various software functionalities 
High-speed front-loading Compact Disc 
drive for ripping CDs
For fast CD ripping, CA X30 uses an optical disc drive (ODD) with 24x high speed. 
It can rip a one hour playing time CD in less than 10 minutes
High-quality sound through Burr-Brown HD DAC and isolated power source design 
For high-quality sound output, CA X30 features the famous Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, TCXO oscillator and isolated power source circuit design for digital and analogue.
High resolution (24bit/192Khz) digital output
CA X30 provides three digital outputs, such as TOSLINK, COAXIAL and AES/EBU XLR, which support up to 24bit/192Khz. This means the X30 can be used as an audio server and source device for those wishing to use an existing external amplifier and DAC.
Multiple inputs and outputs for versatile connectivity
CA X30 offers various audio inputs and outputs for connection to other audio devices, as well as a TV. Three digital outputs, two analogue outputs, two digital inputs and two analogue inputs allow high connectivity with multiple devices. And the dual digital inputs mean the CA X30 can be used as a DAC with other digital audio sources.
High connectivity
CA X30 features GigaFast Ethernet LAN for wired network connection, HDMI out connector for use with an external screen and USB host ports(one on the front, two on the rear) for optional 801.11b/g/n WiFi USB dongle or other external USB devices.
High performance stereo diigital amplifier with dynamic 100W 
A TI high-performance stereo digital amplifier chip, isolated power source circuit design and TCXO oscillator – with low noise and low distortion ­– makes CA X30 an ideal hi-fi component for an existing bookshelf or high quality floor standing (power load) speakers.
Fast CD ripping with CD metadata including album cover art 
CA X30 can rip CD with fast speed. It will catalogue your CD collection by album, artist, genre, year, and will store all ripped CDs into the music database. X30 provides four ripping options(endcoding): WAV, FLAC, MP3 or OGG. 

[Estimated storage capacity]
CD ripping option500 GB1 TB2 TB4 TB
WAV(uncompressed)650 CDs1,300 CDs2,600 CDs5,200 CDs
128K7,500 CDs15,000 CDs30,000 CDs60,000 CDs
192K5,000 CDs10,000 CDs20,000 CDs40,000 CDs
320K3,000 CDs6,000 CDs12,000 CDs24,000 CDs
※ These figures may vary slightly according to the number of tracks on a CD
Quick and easy set-up thanks to 5in LCD screen
For high-quality sound output, CA X30 features the famous Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, TCXO oscillator and isolated power source circuit design for digital and analogue.
Connect to your TV to view a slideshow of photos while listening to your tracks 
CA X30 provides HDMI out connector for using an external big screen, such as a monitor or TV, as its GUI screen. For photo slideshow, X30 supports various picture file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.

Native 24bit/192Khz file playback and various audio file format support
As CA X30 is equipped with high-performance DSP chipset (700Mhz MIPS host CPU) and the software (firmware) exclusively developed in-house, it supports formats such as APE/CUE, WAV, FLAC, ALAC, PCM, MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, AIFF, AIF, Ogg Vorbis and Playlist (PLS, M3U), including high resolution (24bit/192Khz) FLAC and WAV file.
Hi-res recording function by max 192Khz sampling rate
CA X30 includes a recording function for the internet radio, FM radio and line-in, as well as cassette tapes and LPs. The CA X30’s 24bit/192Khz ADC chip allows for high resolution recording for better sound quality.
Gapless playback
CA X30 can play back multiple tracks with no gap between them. This is a useful function for fans of operatic or classical music, which is composed of multiple tracks.
FM tuner
CA X30 features and FM tuner (tuning range FM87.5 – 108MHz) with RDS support. ( *NOTE : RDS is only available in Europe.)
Storage installation
CA X30 supports 3.5" SATA hard disk, 2.5" SATA hard disk or solid state drive (SSD) as storage.
A customised storage drive bay (drawer) allows for quick and easy installation. If you install SSD as storage, the X30 will offer noiseless operation as it has no cooling fan. Currently, CA X30 supports up to 4TB of 3.5in hard disk, up to 1TB of 2.5in hard disk and up to 500GB of SSD. Increased capacity will be supported by a firmware update.
Versatile network functions through various network protocol support
As CA X30 supports Samba client/server, UPnP client/server/media renderer, FTP server and web server (customised Web UI is provided), it offers: 
• Hi-resolution 24bit/192Khz network streaming playback
• File management (copy, delete, rename, importing or exporting etc) between X30 storage and NAS or PC.
• Remote control with mobile devices like smartphones (iPhone or Android phone), iPad and tablet PC.
• Remote control and Music DB editing with the customised Web UI.

Customised web interface
CA X30 features Web Interface (Web UI) for various web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. This allows the management and controlling of the music collection on the X30, such as adding album covers, creating playlists, playing internet radio, editing metadata, displaying the collection and much more.
App for iOS and Android
A free app means CA X30 can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet PC. We recommend ‘Eyecon’ for Android and ‘Sitecom media controller' for iOS.

Internet Service (Internet Radio and Online music streaming services)
Equipped with GigaFast Ethernet (10/100/1000Mbps) and wireless network (WiFi USB dongle, optional) you can connect CA X30 to your home network to access tens of thousands of internet radio stations (Reciva) and online music services such as Simfy. * Simfy depends on country
Front panel intuitive control scheme
CA X30 has a front panel intuitive control scheme to provide quick access to basic functions such as power, volume/mute, OK/Pause/Scroll, and four menu keys for GUI of LCD screen. The input selector key allows you to seamlessly switch between input devices, and also features a mute mode that can be toggled at the push of the volume knob.
 ■ Mute by push
■ Volume control by turning
■ OK by push
■ PAUSE by push on the playing screen
■ SCROLL by turning
■ Four menu keys for INPUT, RETURN, 
    STOP and MENU
Rugged and durable casing
The CA X30 front panel is 8mm thick aluminum with CNC cutting and metal chassis. The die-cast aluminum feet provide rigidity along with additional resistance from external vibrations. CA X30 dimensions: 435mm(W) x 325mm(D) x 88mm(H) without feet. Height with feet is 98.5mm.
Isolated Power Source circuit design
By using stable and very quiet linear power supply for audio power, the X30 minimizes jitter by eliminating the noises caused by AC power and the devices connected to the main power.

Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS) without fan
The high performance SMPS developed in-house supplies stable power to non-audio components with noise minimized.

Techniniai duomenys

Serverio CPU ir atmintis700Mhz MIPS, operatyvioji atmintis 4Gbit, DDR2 800Mhz, programinės įrangos atmintis 4Gbit
CD grotuvasPalaikomi formatai: CD, CD-Da, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R/RW
Palaikomas garso kodeksas ir formatas:APIE/CUE, HD FLAC, HD WAV, MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, AIF, OggVorbis, PCM, PLS, M3U, kt.
Sąsajos12,5 cm TFT LCD (800×480 pikseliai) ekranas, galima jungti išorinį ekraną per HDMI jungtį, nuotolinio valdymo pultas, individuali interneto sąsaja(Web UI)Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, safari naršyklėms, nemokamos savaiminio įdiegimo programos iOS ir Android operacinėms sistemoms
Stiprintuvas50W+50W@1khz, 8 Ohm, 0.1%THD
Analoginis išėjimasLine out (L&R RCA): dinaminis diapazonas 127dB(2V rms, stereo) THD+N:0.0004%
Ausinių išėjimas:6,35 mm kištukas priekinėje panelėje, 500mW+500mW@1Khz, 32 Ohm, 0,1%THD
Skaitmeninis išėjimasOptinis(1):bitų kiekis iki 24bit/192kHz
Bendraašis (1):SPDIF 75ohm RCA, bitų kiekis  iki 24bit/192Khz
Skaitmeninis AES/EBu XLR (1):110ohm, bitų kiekis iki 24bit/192Khz
Analoginis įėjimasLine in(1): L&R RCA galinėje panelėje, 2V rms
AUX IN (1):3.5 mm ausinių kištukas priekinėje panelėje, 800mV rms
Skaitmeninis įėjimasOptinis(1): bitų kiekis iki 24bit/192kHz
Bedraašis(1): bitų kiekis iki 24bit/192kHz
RadijaFM bangų radija (FM87,5-108Mhz), iėjimo varža 75 ohm
RyšysUSB (3): priekinė panelė 1, galinė panelė 2
Tnklas:kabelis Giga Fast Ethernet /10/100/1000Mbps)LAN, bevielis 801,11 b/g/n WiFi USB antena
HDMI (tik video):išoriniam ekrano pajungimui kaip TV išorinės grafinės vartotojo sąsajos atvaizdavimui ir peržiūrai
Palaikoma talpyklaKietas diskas: 2,5“ SATA iki 1TB, 3,5“ SATA iki 4TB
SSD: 2,5“ SATA iki 500Gb
Palaikomas garso kodeksas ir formatasAPIE/CUE, MP3,HD WAV, HD FLAC,WAV,WMA,M4A, Apple Losless,AAC, AIFF,AIF ,Ogg Vorbis, PCM, Playlist (PLS, M3U)
Tinklas & InterntasPalaikomas tinklo protokolas: UPnP server/client/mediam Samba server/client/FTP server, Web server, kt.
Transliacijos atkūrimas: Hires 24 bit/192kHZ tinklo transliacijos atkūrimas.
Failų tvarkyklė: kopijavimas, ištrynimas, pervardinimas, išsiuntimas ir atsiuntimas  tarp X30 kaupyklės ir NAS serverio bei PC.
Valdymas per mobilius įrenginius: valdoma per iPhone, iPad ir kt. įrenginius su Android operacine sistema.
Individuali interneto sąsaja WEB UI: X30 muzikos  duomenų bazė gali būti valdoma per individualią interneto sąsają IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
Interneto  paslaugos: Interneto radija: Reciva Internet Radio
Qobuz,  Simpfy, Rhapsody (tik prenumeratoriams)
Palaikomos ekrano kalbosAnglų, vokiečių, prancūzų, ispanų, italų, lenkų, čekų, danų, kinų, rusų, olandų, korėjiečių
MaitinimasAC220V-240V, 50/60Hz(EU)
DėžėPriekinė panelė: 8mm storio aliuminis/korpusas-metalas
Išmatavimai435(P)x325(G)x88(A) be kojelių 98,5 (A) su kojelėm mm
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