Hertz Energy HT 28 aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis, galingumas 120W

Fresh ideas and experience in the design led to the creation of this outstanding tweeter. The HT 28 inherits the size of the ML 28, though with the parameters of efficiency, linearity, extension and musicality being further improved. With a 28 mm diameter voice coil and a Neodymium REN® magnet, the HT 28 provides a very high efficiency of 93 dB SPL. It is equipped with a rear acoustic load chamber to extend the low frequency response without incurring resonance effects; it also features a Tetolon® dome to ensure natural sound with timbre precision. The high-efficiency motor assembly and the supplied supports maintain its compact dimensions and mounting flexibility, ensuring their correct installation in any acoustic environment. The HT 28 is designed to release an energetic, detailed sound with any musical genre.

28 mm
Frequency range:
1.200-22.000 Hz
93 dB
Maximal power:  180 W

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Hertz Energy HT 28 aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis, galingumas 120W

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